MTRO September Couple Of The Month

September 14, 2016 Nyota Fakolujo

MTRO September Couple Of The Month

Here's our September Couple Of The Month, this month we have 2 couples since we didn't have one last month. Here's our first couple: Trey & Amber Dayy  1. How did you meet?Amber: I met Trey on Facebook. Here's the not-so-short story: Trey has a cousin affectionately named B'Jones. I had an old fling named B'Jones (same spelling). Apparently, I was Facebook friends with Trey's cousin the entire time when I thought I was FB friends with the B'Jones I knew. The B'Jones I knew tried to get back in contact with me and asked me out again. When I...

MTRO July Couple Of The Month

August 01, 2016 Nyota Fakolujo

MTRO July Couple Of The Month

Here is our first MTRO Couple of The Month. We will have a new couple each month that will tell us in their own words what Married The Right One means to them. We're a little behind but better late than never right? July 2016 MTRO Couple Of The MonthYvette Perryman - Brown & Anthony Brown They've been married for 7 years. They grew up in the same neighborhood that's how they met and have been friends on and off since high school. They have two handsome boys ages 13 & 4. Both of their birthday's are on April. Yvette's...

Date Night

June 15, 2016 Nyota Fakolujo

Date night is an extremely important part of marriage. A lot of times couples date, make a commitment to each other, get married, and the dating ends there, but it shouldn't. The same thing you did to build the relationship you need to continue to do it throughout your marriage as well. The dates shouldn't end because you're now husband and wife. A lot of couples get married and fall into the routine of work, kids, and family, they leave very little time for each other. It is important to plan a night at least once a month where you...

National Best Friend Day

June 08, 2016 Nyota Fakolujo

Today is National Best Friend Day and I'm married to my best friend. I've always felt one of the most important things to a long term successful marriage is marrying your best friend. I understand you have best friends already that you've been close with your whole life that you share everything with because he/she understands you and you feel like you can trust him/her with your deepest secrets so why does your spouse need to be that person too since you already have one that you've been close to since ya'll were in diapers? It's pretty simple, you can...

Married The Right One

June 05, 2016 Nyota Fakolujo

Married The Right One means you married your soul mate, your best friend, the man/woman that God created specifically for you.  It’s the best feeling to deal with drama on a daily basis at work, with your kids, with your family, and your friends, but you have that one person that is there to listen to you vent and help you get through it all.  Your “Right One” understands you, comforts you, laughs with you, and most important prays with you and for you at the right times.  It’s something about being married to your soul mate that’s so amazing...