MTRO October Couple Of The Month

October 20, 2016 Nyota Fakolujo

Here's our October Couple Of The Month, Donald and Christina Craft, we asked them a few questions about their relationship, here's the answers in Christina's words:

1. How did you meet?

We met through my cousin at my grandmothers house! Donald played high school football with my cousin and just so happen to come by the house on the same day I was there. When I saw him, I tried to play it cool like I wasn't interested, but all the while I was watching him out of the corner of my eye!

2. How long have you been together?

Well, we dated for a year in high school. He was one year ahead of me, so when he graduated, he went off to college and we went our separate ways. After I graduated from high school, I married someone else and had a child. When things didn't work out with my ex husband, I searched for Donald and found him through MySpace! Lol... We reconnected through that and dated for 3 years and then married!

3. How long have you been married?

Donald and I married on July 29th 2010 so we have been married for 6 beautiful years!

4. Tell us about your wedding day.

Our wedding day was simple. We married at the courthouse in hopes of having a big wedding at 5 years, but life happened so we haven't had that wedding yet, but it's coming so stay tuned!

5. How do you know that you Married The Right One?

You know that saying, when you love something/someone let it go, if it comes back then you know it was meant to be? That's how I know I married the right one! We've been married for 6 years and I still have butterflies when he walks through that door! When he's out working late, I can't sleep until he's home! He treats me with so much respect which in turn makes me respect him that much more! He accepts my daughter as his own and never shows her that there is a difference! I love this man with everything that I am!

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  • Kimberly Bowers

    Dec 27, 2016

    Such a beautiful love story. The relationship between my son and my husband is what confirmed he was the man for us. Being raised my my dad and having the best second dad ever, I knew when my first marriage didn’t work. I’d still find love. I see the love in Christina’s union. It is beautiful to see young love building and growing. Congratulations to both of you.

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