MTRO July Couple Of The Month

August 01, 2016 Nyota Fakolujo

Here is our first MTRO Couple of The Month. We will have a new couple each month that will tell us in their own words what Married The Right One means to them. We're a little behind but better late than never right?

July 2016 MTRO Couple Of The Month
Yvette Perryman - Brown & Anthony Brown

They've been married for 7 years. They grew up in the same neighborhood that's how they met and have been friends on and off since high school. They have two handsome boys ages 13 & 4. Both of their birthday's are on April.

Yvette's Words: I knew I Married The Right One because we've been through so much together and have always managed to get through it and to be there for each other in the end no matter what. And even though we are really two totally different people our differences seem to compliment each other. I'm very outgoing love meeting new people where as he's very shy and can keep to himself. He is an awesome father, a wonderful husband and he has always put me and the boys first and does whatever it takes to provide and protect us. He taught me the value of really communicating with each other, he has always been better at then I was. I've always said if you can find a man that makes you laugh more than he makes you mad he's a keeper and he definitely keeps me laughing. Oh and one more thing, I know that a lot of people believe that intimacy changes when you get married, ours hasn't, it's still amazing. I definitely Married The Right One!!

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