Date Night

June 15, 2016 Nyota Fakolujo

Date night is an extremely important part of marriage. A lot of times couples date, make a commitment to each other, get married, and the dating ends there, but it shouldn't. The same thing you did to build the relationship you need to continue to do it throughout your marriage as well. The dates shouldn't end because you're now husband and wife. A lot of couples get married and fall into the routine of work, kids, and family, they leave very little time for each other. It is important to plan a night at least once a month where you and your spouse put some nice clothes on and go out for a few hours, just the two of you, no kids, no friends, and definitely no work. Set aside a night where you are able to give your spouse your undivided attention to just talk and enjoy each other without outside distractions. It keeps your marriage fun and it'll be something that both of you will look forward to each month. If you're reading this and don't remember the last time you and your spouse have gone out with just the two of you, it's time to start planning a night with your spouse.

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