National Best Friend Day

June 08, 2016 Nyota Fakolujo

Today is National Best Friend Day and I'm married to my best friend. I've always felt one of the most important things to a long term successful marriage is marrying your best friend. I understand you have best friends already that you've been close with your whole life that you share everything with because he/she understands you and you feel like you can trust him/her with your deepest secrets so why does your spouse need to be that person too since you already have one that you've been close to since ya'll were in diapers? It's pretty simple, you can have your childhood friend that will always be there, you will still share so many stories of your life with but you'll also have your spouse that's your best friend as well. Your spouse should be the closest person to you, that's the bottom line, he/she will love you, respect you, honor you, and be loyal to you in a way that no other friend has ever done. When you meet someone that your attracted to make sure your friends as well, make sure there's more to the two of you then just a sexual attraction and your love for Jazz Festivals, it will help your relationship grow long term. When things are rough, when you find yourself going through your toughest times it is your friendship that will keep ya'll connected. I know for some people they believe that love is enough, love is extremely important but unfortunately it's not enough for a healthy marriage. Being married to your best friend is fun, it's a lifetime slumber party that you don't have to get permission from your parents first to attend.

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